Henri Papin is constructed from various disparate fragments from fiction and history. His multi-personality presents in both conscious and unconscious forms which allows the introduction of fantastical and dream-like elements to exist in tandem to the more overtly 'realistic' elements of his existence as a collector of things. 

This however, is on the border of change. The project up until this point has maintained certain fundamental rules and truths which are on the verge of unraveling. The Collector 11: The Umbra then, is that last fragment of what was, the eye of the storm, the darkest point of the shadow; the most removed position from the light of illumination, knowledge, realisation. 

Physically the exhibition falls between chaos and formalism; a discrete architectural installation that nests sound works and kinetic interventions amongst crafted elements and found objects. It also conceptually hosts within its structure the remnants of that dissolution process, the gentle erosion of the primary character and with it the established narrative and the birth of something entirely new.