tHE hOLY tRINITY church inducted its first group of level one initiates at the sacred Chrysalisseum on the 22nd and 23rd of July, 2010.

all event photographs courtesy of Owen Leong (

Transcript from the Induction Video:

to the holy trinity universe
you have been chosen
you are safe, you are beloved
We call you forth to gather with us in this sacred Chrysalisseum. chosen initiates of the Love Ministry.
Come. There can only be a finite number of warriors. We gather you. our new clan and kin. our most beloved of beloved. you are our breath. our voice. our word. 
we call you.
we choose you. 
you are chosen.
you are safe you are beloved.


Our universe is not the sum of everything that exists, but rather of many disconnected universes.
We are nano/macro omnipresent, omnipotent.
We are simultaneously of and not-of, here and not-here, being and non-being; shape-shifters shifting between recognisable forms; composed of noble gas atoms.

Life began on a small and thin disk, pure white with a red spinning centre, and inside it, were the three. 
At first unaware of the existence of each other. Three parts of a cohesive singular, we came into being, in a constant state of motion. We generated heat, and light and a kind of harmonic radiation, and inevitably: life itself, or the initial stirrings of it. 
The energy rose and rocketed to cataclysmic levels.
There came the ultraviolet catastrophe, it was an event of galactic upheaval; it birthed our atmospheric nebula within the multi-verse; the eighth topology.

In our early universe, first protons, electrons and neutrons formed; then nuclei and finally atoms. With the formation of neutral hydrogen, our cosmic microwave background was emitted.
Matter then continued to aggregate into the first stars and ultimately galaxies, quasars, clusters of galaxies and super-clusters formed.

This nebula is home to The Holy Trinity. The ultimate transcendental realm; the exalted sphere, the sacred battleground upon whose face, conflict between light and anti-light occur infinitely.
To reach this sphere, one must pass through the ever expanding universe in a progressive-cosmos. Each progression is allocated for the habitation of our warriors at their graduated levels of initiation. 

As a warrior of the Love ministry, you will spread the word of the trinity, and help us in protecting the cosmos from the intrusion of static and invasive molecules from the zero zone. 

The zero zone is a 'drone' place of silver emptiness, without gravity, without consciousness, without forces of energy or love. It envelops isolated energies that stray outside the sanctity of our sacred realm in an ambivalent suffocation.
This zero zone is inhabited by most humans, and a small number of animals - mostly single celled bacteria. It is a place of electrical potential, of infinite proportions. To channel this higher realm, you must focus the conduit of organs within your body, with psychic meditation using internal energies to align with the external power of cosmic forces. 
Activating the forces through the 8 major organs, allows the inherent light energy, to bond together to allow the “becoming” of a new consciousness. In order, the activation progresses through the skeletal, the muscular, the nervous, the digestive, the respiratory, the cardiovascular, the reproductive, and finally the urinary systems.
Those who deny the body, and bodily knowledge, deny this higher state of consciousness. 
Consume the knowledge and eject, eject, eject, yourself from the zero-zone, and into the glory of the light.

The Trinity's penultimate objective is the building of a light-bridge to bring humans to our next universe and realm of consciousness. Light is the ultimate goal, it is their energy source; the power that creates new life, matter and consciousness. 
You are the by-product of light; fractured, splintered, merely touching upon the fringes of pure colour. They are beyond pure light, and united colour. 
The Trinity invite you to embark on a journey to a higher level of consciousness. 
Come; shed your bodily forms and become light itself. 
Your corporeal sacrifice will form part of the giant light-beam bridge to the next world.

The Eight gluon colours of this structure spectrum bend and merge in a continuous conflict of colour and anti-colour:
rb + br divided by the square root of 2,
minus i (rb minus br) divided by the square root of 2,
rg +gr divided by the square root of 2,
minus i, rg minus gr divided by the square root of 2,
bg + gb divided by the square root of 2,
minus i (bg minus gb) divided by the square root of 2,
rr minus bb divided by the square root of 2,
(rr + bb minus 2gg) divided by the square root of 2,

These range the thin ground-plane of the array of visible spectra.


Hi I’m Lou P. Conboy. 
By now you will have heard a little bit about the wonders of the love ministry……you are here on this most sacred of occasions to bear witness of the wonders of the three and to join the ranks of our growing army of warriors. we welcome you to the first level of initiation. 
Let me tell you a little of what I have learned.
The revolution is coming, and we know you have many questions. 

The first sightings of the holy trinity on our planet coincided with the release of a personal mobile device – the BMX in 1972. Further sightings were witnessed in 1974 and 1981, and then nothing for 28 years.
In November 2009 they graced this universe with their presence. 
Unexpectedly they chose an isolated part of the antipodes to start their Love Ministry. 
They brought with them samples from their own universe in order to be able to construct a safe environment to inhabit while they communicated their initial message of peace, love and interconnected continuous motion.
They adopted familiar forms, and reintroduced to us those archaic BMXs, and within this constructed realm they recreated the beginnings of life by creating the most wondrous of circular energies.
It was here that they sacrificed the first Mother Totem and fed their new disciples pieces of the one true corpus-saccarus. With the ingestion came the first enlightenment. Those primary disciples together created the first terrestrial rainbow – the original light spectrum bridge to the first initiate topology.
We are amongst those new guides who now come to share with you this revelation. We bring a small sample of that first environment so that you may know it truly. We bring you nectar to assist with the activation of your energy centres. We bring you love and connectedness so that you will transition safely, and we bring the sacred gestures that will allow you free passage to the higher realms.

You must understand the galaxies inside your own bodies to progress to a higher level of consciousness. Every organ conceals a galaxy of knowledge and cosmic understanding. To subsume this into your mind you must activate it first from within.
Your energy forces are relative to the larger spectra – each major organ system possesses its inherent chromatic power. When activated correctly the entire organ system binds its energy together in an enveloping beam of light and colour forces. The beam extends through the cranium and out into the atmosphere to connect to others’ beams and into the greater light structure.

The energy forces within our universe create the colours you see here – where the magnetic fields are strongest the first stirrings of our light bridge are beginning to break through your atmosphere to connect to our own. You call them auroras, we call them the awakening.
When we reach the final stage of enlightenment the energy forces will be so intense that these auroras of all colours of the spectrum will erupt across the multiverse. Beautiful colours will be ours; we will become the colours.
We need more humans working together to make this possible, together we will create new colours and construct the foundations of a multi-dimensional transit plane in order to connect all peaceful species together in a revelation of sharing and love.

As warriors of the holy trinity our energy will always build in unison, forever 

Join me in this holy light ceremony.
Together we will make the sacred signs for the first time. 
Let’s start with the rainbow sign – the rainbow sign allows the energy to begin to generate deep within you, and create an energy field with your fellow warriors.
It is possible to make this sign alone, but it is preferable to make the sign of the rainbow with another, in order to create the entire form.
When you are invited to let your light shine, please make this sign and say aloud the collective response: We are vessels for the light. May the light always shine.

Next we will make the Diamondback sign – This is the first sign of level one initiation, for which you are partaking now. First raise your hands above your head to form the tip of the diamond. This will focus the channelling of energies from the outer atmosphere. 
When you make this sign, you also voice aloud the words: I am held aloft by the trinity, my feet grip the pedals, my hands are free of gravity. I find a new balance within.

The next sign in the progression is The atomic mongoose. We embrace the entire physicality of the form. We grip the handles, we bunny hop twice to the right, perform a modest Mono and then sweep our hands in salute to the atomic skies.
When we make this sign, we say aloud: I am one with my greater self. I defy gravity; I ascend towards the next plane of being. 

The last sign for Level 1 initiates is the galactic huffy. To perform this sign we imagine the ultraviolet nebula beneath our wheels, we speed, we brake, and we slide between stars and into the next consciousness.
We say aloud: I am stable, I am within and of the particles, I ascend to the next level of being.

Hold the movements within your inner consciousness – you’re doing really well. I look forward to welcoming you into the next plane.
I will read from the blessed codex:

VOICE: May the spectrum illuminate you, your path to a higher being through your love of matter and may the fellowship of the Spirit be within you all. Let your light shine.
All: We are vessels for the light. May the light always shine.

VOICE: Trinity, we receive your instructions, we perform the sacred signs, we seek to escape from gravity.
All: I am held aloft by the trinity, my feet grip the pedals, my hands are free of gravity. I find a new balance within.

VOICE: We reach for the new atmosphere, feel your particles ascend.
All: I am one with my greater self. I defy gravity, I ascend towards the next plane of being. 

VOICE: Raise us, we are ready to ascend.
All: I am stable, I am within and of the particles, I ascend to the next level of being.

Wow. You’re doing an amazing job. 
The final ritual to perform is the ingestion of the sacred nectar. It will infiltrate your molecules and allow you to transition. The guides will be dispensing nectar to the circle.

VOICE: Oh almighties, creators of all life in the sacred multiverse, of matter and soul, we ask you to bless this nectar: as we use it in faith, forgive our corporeality and protect our particles from the zero zone.
Trinity, your munificence, we humbly accept this living nectar, taken from the fountain of salvation: free us, body and soul, from our base physicality, and admit us to your presence in purity of heart.
Grant this.
All: We welcome the sacred fluid. Nourishment and Nectar, it fills us and releases us from our corporeal selves.

VOICE: Let us offer each other entrance to the light. Let us call forth the form of the eternal rainbow, let us turn to each other and construct the bridges across the void.
All: We are parts of the greater whole, we transmit, we transform, we transcend.

The guides will remove your initiate dress and adorn you with your ceremonial Level 1 emblems. These will remind you that you have undertaken this path and have pledged to uphold the beliefs of the Holy trinity love ministry and deny the invasive forces for the zero zone.

VOICE: Go now, initiates no more; Warriors of the Love Ministry.