Take-a-look-around-this-place-it’s-quite-ob-scene_in-just-a-tick-we’ll-have-this-place-spar-kling-clean_We-rea-lly-make-quite-a-fan-tas-tic-team_and-we’re-get-ting-through-the-clea-ning-like-a-dream_it’s-a-fin-ish-you-won’t-be-lieve-un-til-you’ve-seen_is-there-any-thing-at-all-you-can-not-clean_ if-there-is-we-would-n’t-know_we’II-give-any-thing-a-go_if-it’s-shine-you-want-from-a-pos-i-tive-de-bac-le-in-to-a-spar-kle-con-tact-Mis-ter-She-en.**


The Collector project is an ongoing collaborative project by Hobart based artists Mish Meijers and Tricky Walsh. Since 2006 they have exhibited annually to aid in authenticating the projects’ primary character: Henri Papin. Henri is an alienated and isolated fictional character constructed from various disparate figure fragments from both literature and film. Dominating over his multiple personas are the conscious, timid voyeur collector Henry, and the sublimated secondary persona of Henri ( hunter, gatherer, stalker) between them they amass a somewhat perverse collection of experiences that ultimately construct a representation of his greater self.


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